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Pamukkale is a miracle of nature which has no analogues in the world.


White brilliant terraces were formed on the hill as a result of thermal waters activity.

The locals call this place Pamukkale, that means “a cotton castle’. Your eyes will gaze at one of the unique miracles of nature – limestone terraces, which arose over the millennia while cooling on the surface of the hot springs that contain limestone and soda. 


The white stalactites of 100 meters high form a plenty of cozy baths, where the lucky like you will part with their ailments. Not far from the famous hill is situated the ancient city of Hierapolis.


The waters of Hierapolis heal rheumatism, cardiovascular, kidney and nerve diseases, and also possess soothing properties. Furthermore, the fact that the water temperature is equal to a body temperature, gives great value to the source. During the tour you can take baths appreciated by Queen Cleopatra.