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Didim is an ancient Ionian city, which was originally called Didima. In ancient times, Didim was famous as a recognized center of soothsayers of the Hellenic world. The first mention of Didim is found in the ancient Greeks, in the famous "Hymn to Apollo" by Homer.

Here is an interesting story of the origin of the city’s name. Initially, the name Didim belonged to a religious group that existed in pre-Greek times. This group lived in the sacred forest, at the Holy spring. This was the same place with a natural spring which was considered sacred and alongside which goddess Summer (Letona) conceived from God Zeus, and then gave birth to twins Artemis and Apollo.  

It was in Didim that the temple of Apollo was later built. Apollo is pronounced in Greek as "Didyma", so the origin of the name of the city Didim is quite clear.

And today the city of Didim is associated with dizzying historical adventures and complete relaxation of modern recreation, mysticism of the ancient world and the temptations of today. Once Didim belonged to one of the first Greek colonies in Anatolia, and today Didim remains one of the mysteries of Turkey.

Didim today is a settlement, which is home to about 30,000 inhabitants, and in the summer months the number reaches 50,000, as the sandy beaches of the Aegean coast, the length of which is 80 km, attract tourists from all over the world.

The climate in Didim is mild, typically Mediterranean, and even in winter the weather is quite warm. It rains in winter, but it never snows. Real summer and warm weather begins in May, and by August the air temperature reaches its maximum values 33 – 34 °C.

But the humidity even in these hot months remains minimal.