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Dalyan is a nice little resort where the main attraction is the local beach on which sea turtles Caretta Caretta lay their eggs from May to October.


It got its name from the river of the same name, at the mouth of which this resort is located. Because of its position, it is all cut by ducts, straits, rivers, on which one can successfully go on small boats, and the locals do this quite successfully. Due to this feature Dalyan is sometimes referred to as the "Turkish Venice". The city is really very picturesque and attractive. Tourists, who come here, cannot but go on a boat trip around the city.


The ancient rock tombs can be seen during a boat trip only from the Dalyan River. The view is fascinating. The ancient Lycian tombs were built into the cliffs at a high altitude. Amazing rock tombs belonged to the ancient rulers of Kaunos.


According to the views of the peoples who inhabited these lands thousands of years ago, the higher the burial, the easier the path to heaven. At the burial of the deceased in a rock tomb, valuables were also put, which their owner might need in the next life. It is because of these treasures that the tombs were looted in ancient times.


Sulphurous mineral springs and a mud bath can be found 4 km from Dalyan in Sultaniye.


These sources differ significantly from the sources of Pamukkale and the Cleopatra basin. The temperature of the thermal springs reaches 39°C, and the presence of sulfur compounds gives it a specific smell. The water also contains calcium chloride and sulfide and rhodon. The source is the most radioactive in Turkey in terms of radon content. It is believed that baths with thermal water have a beneficial effect on rheumatism, lower back pain, sciatica, lumbago, nephritis, dermatological and gynecological diseases. If you drink thermal water, you can get rid of diseases of the intestine, gall bladder and liver. Bathing in the thermal spring is one of the fun points of the excursion program in Dalyan.